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Strawberry Yuzu Scones

Strawberry Yuzu Scones


I absolutely love it when there is a story to accompany food. It's not simply a dish you prepare or something you eat- it's so much more than that. It's memory, it's experience,  and it can be a physical representation of your dreams or imagination. 

When I brought these fresh out of the oven, gluten free strawberry scones to work Monday morning, I was eager to tell the tale of how these scones came to be. I'm not sure if it fell on deaf ears, or if I was being incredibly annoying (it was a Monday morning, after all).


Even though it's only 2.5 hours away, I don't visit Austin, TX as much as I should. A good friend of mine lives there, and it I was overdue for a visit. I arrived, we had a fabulous dinner of soup dumplings and scallion beef, and a delicious dessert - red bean ice cream in a pandan reduction. I'm not sure if it was the dessert itself or the company, but it was most certainly one of the best desserts I've had in quite a while. 

My friend wanted to bake some lemon lavender scones after dinner, and she wanted to show me how she made them. My friend had gotten the recipe from a pastry chef who worked in her office, and she had made some for me the last time I had visited. Unfortunately, her boyfriend gobbled them all up, and I wasn't able to try any that time. This time though, I would get to try them and help make them! 

The scones were quite easy to prepare and quick to bake.  I watched as my friend spooned the lavender glaze over the hot scones. Lavender pistachio sugar was dusted over the glistening pastries. The buttery smell of freshly baked scones with hints of lavender and lemon enticed us to risk burning our fingers in order to gobble them up. They were absolutely delicious and comforting, even more so with strawberry jam and lemon curd. 


Fast forward to the next morning, we stopped by a farmers market where we both picked up this Strawberry Yuzu mixer from AKA Mixology. There was a slight complexity to the mixer's sweetness and tartness that made me want to do more than just add a splash to gin or vodka. I wanted to create a recipe with it. And as an homage to the short but fun weekend I spent with my friend in Austin, I came up with these strawberry yuzu scones. 

Each bite of these scones yields a buttery, fluffy texture that gives way to chunks of juicy strawberries. and aromas of lemon.  The strawberry yuzu glaze mirrors the scone's flavors, but packs more of a punch. A small dusting of black pepper and Pakistani dried rose petals help balance out the tartness and sweetness of the berries and lemon. A weekend's worth of memories packed in a pastry that takes just 20 minutes to make- I hope you enjoy making and eating these! 

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