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Take Action- Help Separated Families

Take Action- Help Separated Families

1.      Call Congress


Make sure your voice is heard regarding the Zero-Tolerance Policy. Find your representative here.


2.      Donate


Below are a list of organizations you can donate to help separated families:

RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services

Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights

American Civil Liberties Union

Target’s Baby2Baby Registry



3.      Sign Petitions

Credo Action

Move On


4.      Protest

Find the nearest protest here.


5.      Do your research, and stay informed.


Refinery29 has provided a very informative guide on how to help, including providing a very extensive list of organizations. See more here.


6.      Baking for a cause-

 To encourage others to donate/get involved, I would like to offer the following incentives-

$10 Donation

1 box of 4 cream puffs, flavor TBD.



$20 Donation


1 dozen macarons, flavor TBD


$50 Donation


1 4in layer cake, flavor TBD


$100 Donation

Cream Puff Class – learn how to make your own cream puffs with a crunchy cookie topping! Each person in the class gets to take home their own box of cream puffs.


$200 Donation


Mirror glaze/Galaxy Cake class- Learn how to make your own galaxy cake! Each person will take home a 6in galaxy cake made in the class.



$250 Donation


Buttercream flower cake class- learn how to pipe your own buttercream flowers to create a beautiful cake! Each person will take home a 6in buttercream flower cake made in the class.




To redeem, all you have to do is e-mail me your donation receipt to  The donation must be made to any of the organizations mentioned in this post or in the Refinery29 link. Details on timing for distribution and for classes will be sent out by September/October. Must be in Houston to redeem.

Celebratory French Toast

Celebratory French Toast