Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache

Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache



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*Please ask about Halal options for mousse cakes*

*We can customize cakes for any flavor preferences, please ask!*

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Cake Style & Prices (Round)

Style: Baroque (Hand piped flowers, dusted in gold, hand painted buttercream) | tall, 3-4 layers

4in $40

6in $60

8in $75

9in $85

10in $100

12in $125

Style: Modernism (Mirror Glaze/Galaxy) | 2-3 layers

4in $35

6in $50

8in $65

9in $75

10in $95

12in $110

Style: Classic, French/Asian Patisserie (Mousse cakes, classic cakes, topped with fresh fruit and chocolate) | 3-4 layers

4in $25

6in $45

8in $55

9in $65

10in $75

12in $85

Vanilla-Vanilla bean cake, vanilla sweet cream buttercream

Chocolate-Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake- Chocolate cake, chocolate hazelnut filling, chocolate hazelnut buttercream

Tiramisu Mousse Cake- vanilla cake, coffee syrup, coffee mascarpone mousse, chocolate ganache

Green Tea Mousse Cake-Green tea sponge, green tea mousse, assorted fruit

Strawberry Short Cake- Vanilla sponge, vanilla butter cream or whipped cream, fresh strawberry filling

Fresh Strawberry Cake-Vanilla cake, homemade strawberry preserves, fresh strawberry buttercream

Black Forest Cake- Chocolate sponge, whipped cream, cherry filling

Fruit & Cream Cake- Vanilla sponge, sweet whipped cream, assorted seasonal fruit

Strawberry Mousse Cake- Vanilla cake, thyme simple syrup, strawberry mousse, strawberry gelee, whipped cream, pistachios

Coffee & Raspberry-Vanilla cake, coffee syrup, coffee mascarpone mousse, raspberry gelee

Anthony-Chocolate & Whiskey Cake, bourbon simple syrup, toffee creme brulee, chocolate ganache, coffee buttercream

Annie-Vanilla cake, strawberry champagne gelee, strawberry mousse 

Jeannie-Vanilla cake, coffee liqueur syrup, earl grey pastry cream, coffee buttercream

Hira-Vanilla sponge, hazelnut syrup, fresh strawberry filling, chocolate hazelnut buttercream

Sandy- Chocolate cake, soaked in orange cardamom syrup, strawberries, vanilla mascarpone mousse, chocolate ganache

Catherine-Vanilla cake, thyme simple syrup, whipped vanilla mascarpone filling, whipped sweet cream, assorted berries

Jennifer's Birthday Cake-Vanilla cake, dark chocolate ganache frosting

Angela -Vanilla sponge, mango puree, lemon simple syrup, mango mousse, mango gelee 

Sara-Orange scented vanilla bean cake, chai pastry cream, chocolate buttercream, chocolate ganache, toasted coconut

Melissa- Chocolate cake, orange simple syrup, berry mousse, strawberry gelee, assorted berries

Cindy-Green tea sponge, strawberry gelee, strawberry mousse

Deeba-Chocolate cake, coffee hazelnut syrup, coffee buttercream, chocolate ganache

Swati-Orange vanilla bean cake, fig& strawberry preserves, vanilla bean buttercream

Kelsey-Chocolate hazelnut budino torte, raspberry liquor, raspberry preserves (GF)

Erika- Champagne cake, chocolate ganache, vanilla bean buttercream 

Kathryn-French toast cake, bourbon maple syrup, cream cheese frosting, candied bacon

Ami-Chocolate stout cake, coffee syrup, cream cheese frosting, chocolate ganache

Tracey-champagne cake, champagne buttercream, strawberry and fig preserves

The Admani Sisters' Cake-Chocolate almond cake, whipped chocolate orange frosting

Meet the Lathams- GF Champagne Cake, Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting, Berry Preserves 

Sweet Treats


12-$25, 24-$45

Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Coconut, Coffee, Green Tea

-Decorated Sugar Cookies-

12- $36

-Choux Puffs (Cream Puffs)-

Crisp pastry filled with flavored cream and a crunchy cookie topping



Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Green Tea, Earl Grey, Chai


-Fruit Tart-

10in, $25

Vanilla pastry cream, assorted seasonal fruit

-Tiramisu Tart- 

Chocolate pate sucre, chocolate coffee ganache, whipped coffee mascarpone 

-Chocolate Tart-

10in, $25

Chocolate cookie crust, chocolate ganache 

-Creme Brulee-

12 individual cups- $36