Fall/Winter 2017 MENU

 Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache

Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache



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*Please ask about Halal options for mousse cakes*

*We can customize cakes for any flavor preferences, please ask!*

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Cakes (Round)

4in $30

6in $45

8in $60

9in $70

10in $85

12in $100



Vanilla bean cake, vanilla sweet cream buttercream


Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream

-Chocolate 2x-

Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache frosting 

-Chocolate Hazelnut Cake- 

Chocolate cake, chocolate hazelnut filling, chocolate hazelnut buttercream

-Tiramisu Mousse Cake-

A Sugarmomo customer favorite- vanilla cake, coffee syrup, coffee mascarpone mousse, chocolate ganache.

-Green Tea Mousse Cake-

Green tea sponge, green tea mousse, assorted fruit

-Strawberry Short Cake- 

Vanilla sponge, vanilla butter cream or whipped cream, fresh strawberry filling

-Fresh Strawberry Cake-

Vanilla cake, homemade strawberry preserves, fresh strawberry buttercream

-Black Forest Cake-

Chocolate Cake, Cherries, Whipped Cream

-Fruit & Cream Cake-

Vanilla sponge, sweet whipped cream, assorted seasonal fruit

-Strawberry Mousse Cake-

Vanilla cake, thyme simple syrup, strawberry mousse, strawberry gelee, whipped cream, pistachios

-Coffee & Raspberry-

Vanilla cake, coffee syrup, coffee mascarpone mousse, raspberry gelee


Chocolate & Whiskey Cake, Tabacco Infused bourbon simple syrup, toffee creme brulee, chocolate ganache, coffee buttercream


Vanilla cake, strawberry champagne gelee, strawberry mousse 


Vanilla cake, coffee liqueur syrup, earl grey pastry cream, coffee buttercream


Vanilla cake, coffee hazelnut syrup, fresh strawberry filling, chocolate hazelnut buttercream


Chocolate cake, soaked in orange cardamom syrup, strawberries, vanilla mascarpone mousse, chocolate ganache


Vanilla cake, thyme simple syrup, whipped vanilla mascarpone filling, whipped sweet cream, assorted berries


Vanilla cake, dark chocolate ganache frosting 


Vanilla cake, lemon simple syrup, mango mousse, mango gelee 


Orange scented vanilla bean cake, chai pastry cream, chocolate buttercream, chocolate ganache, toasted coconut 


Chocolate cake, vanilla pastry cream, fresh strawberry filling, chocolate ganache


Chocolate cake, orange simple syrup, berry mousse, strawberry gelee, assorted berries


Green tea sponge, strawberry gelee, strawberry mousse


Chocolate cake, coffee hazelnut syrup, coffee buttercream, chocolate ganache


Orange vanilla bean cake, fig& strawberry preserves, vanilla bean buttercream 


Chocolate hazelnut budino torte, raspberry liquor


Champagne cake, chocolate ganache, vanilla bean buttercream 


French toast cake, bourbon maple syrup, cream cheese frosting, candied bacon


Chocolate stout cake, coffee syrup, cream cheese frosting, chocolate ganache


champagne cake, vanilla buttercream, fresh strawberries 

-The Admani Sisters' Cake-

Chocolate almond cake, whipped chocolate orange frosting




Sweet Treats


12-$25, 24-$45

Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Coconut, Coffee, Green Tea


-Choux Puffs (Cream Puffs)-

Crisp pastry filled with flavored cream and a crunchy cookie topping



Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Green Tea, Earl Grey, Chai


-Fruit Tart-

10in, $25

Vanilla pastry cream, assorted seasonal fruit

-Tiramisu Tart- 

Chocolate pate sucre, chocolate coffee ganache, whipped coffee mascarpone 

-Chocolate Tart-

10in, $25

Chocolate cookie crust, chocolate ganache 

-Creme Brulee-

12 individual cups- $36